05 Best Mozilla Tools to Record & Download Streaming Videos from Any Websites

The Internet has evolved a lot in the past few years and so has the lifestyle of peoples. Gone are those days when the internet was accessible to only a few sections of the society. Mobile phones have made it extremely easy to convey the internet facility to minor sections of the society as well. With this internet evolution, has arrived a new trend of streaming videos. People love to watch videos on the internet making the use of internet wider. This article is all about downloading videos from the websites on Mozilla by using tools and we will be discussing Mozilla video downloader.

These days most of the internet traffic comes from video streaming. Since the evolution of YouTube and people getting better access to its video streaming has become a trend. According to a report around 400 hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube in one minute. Now you can imagine how widely video content is getting popular these days.

Whether it’s news or a song or anything else people prefer it to watch rather than just read or listen to it. We have just provided you an idea by taking YouTube as an example, there are plenty of such websites available on the internet like Dailymotion, twitch and so on. A huge amount of video content is available on the internet.

No doubt streaming videos is a great option but what if your ISP has set a limit on your data usage, in this case watching online videos may cost you heavily so what option do you have? Downloading those videos? Exactly; you download those videos and keep them for future reference.

Downloading videos from the internet is a great option but here’s a catch, YouTube and other similar platform don’t provide you with an option to download videos directly to your computer. Now, what should you do? Firefox which is one of the most popular internet browsers among the world provides you with certain tools that will help you in downloading videos from different websites all around the internet.

Read on to know more about Mozilla video downloader and how to download streaming videos? Here we have listed five of the best video downloader for Firefox that will let you download videos from the websites easily and you can watch them later. So without getting any delays, let us start with our first tool; Video downloads helper.

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How to Download Videos from Online Video Streaming Sites

Video Download Helper

Video DownloadHelper

This is the most complete Mozilla video downloader tool that will help you to download your videos from the websites to your hard disk in the most convenient manner. You need to surf the internet and whenever it catches a downloadable video, the icon will highlight and you can download the videos easily.

Whether it is YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook and whatnot you can download videos easily on your hard disk through this tool.

You can download this plugin from the following link;

Video Download Helper

Ant Video Downloader

Ant Video Downloader

This plugin is available for Windows users only whereas there is an additional application has also been provided by Ant R to enhance the convenience of its users.

You can download any videos from the internet by using the tool, just install it on your Firefox browser and locate videos on the internet and it will lead you to the downloading link of those videos.

MacOS and Linux users can expect this plugin for their platform soon. Download streaming videos firefox by using this plugin and forget the worries of using your internet data again and again for streaming the same video.

Downloading link is as follows;

Ant Video Downloader

Grab Any Media

Grab Any Media

Developed by Leonardo Ciaccio, this is the best Mozilla video downloader when we are taking its segment into consideration. You can even filter the request for downloading videos from different websites all around the internet. This plugin comes with an inbuilt feature of scanning which you can use when it is not able to locate a video content on a website automatically.

You can also share your media links that are not indexed by search engines by participating in OpenDB. If you are looking to download movies on firefox or any other similar type of content then this one of the best options for you.

You can download it from the following link;

Grab Any Media



This firefox plugin is not only for downloading streaming videos from the internet but also you can use it to perform a task which you often repeat like filling out the forms and so on.

One of the best features of this plugin is that you can even play the same data on the similar plugin of different browsers like chrome, IE and so on without any charge. This Mozilla video downloader will ease out the downloading process for you and you will be able to download the videos from the websites all around the internet in the most convenient manner.

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Downloading link;


Flash Video Downloader

Flash Video Downloader

Though this Mozilla video downloader is in the last of our list but that doesn’t mean it is not worthy rather it is one of the best video downloading plugins of Mozilla. You can download videos from any website all around the internet by using this tool without any hassles.

The best feature of this Mozilla video downloader is that besides videos, photos, and music you can even locate download links of different format files like .exe, .swf and so on.

You can choose the quality in which you want to download your videos like HD, MP4, FLV and so on. This is one of the best tools for those who want to download videos from the internet in various viewing formats.

Download this firefox tool from the following link –

Flash Video Downloader

So these were the best Mozilla tools to download videos from different websites all around the internet. You can use these to ease your video downloading process from the internet.

Final Words

The Internet is growing day by day hence is the popularity of video contents on it. With the increased internet speed people are fond of downloading contents whether it is music, videos, games, and whatnot. Downloading is obviously no pain in the neck in the current era. Considering the fact that besides streaming the same video, again and again, you can simply download it to avoid internet data loss, using the above-mentioned tools to download videos from the internet becomes more necessary.

The above-mentioned tools will ease out the video downloading process for you and you can totally rely on them. We suggest you download these tools from the links mentioned in their description as there are counterfeited tools available on the internet. Install these tools on your Firefox browser and download any video content from the internet at a single click for free of cost.


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