How to Install Kodi on Xbox One & Xbox 360? 2019 Guide

kodi for xbox

Xbox, as we all know is known for the high end gaming that only this can offer. But what if it is all that it can do? What if an Xbox one or Xbox 360 console is capable of streaming online content that is available in Netflix and other platforms? In fact it is highly possible. How is that possible? one might ask, well it is thanks to an application called Kodi which was initially developed and released as a online median streaming application for Xbox one and Xbox 360 but due to the applications usage it slowly moved to other devices.

Kodi media player has made a come after its launch in the year 2019, thanks to the applications latest up Kodi 18 now kodi can be used in Xbox consoles again. As far as the installation and set up of this application goes there are two methods to install and use kodi through Xbox consoles.

One is through the Xbox store and the other is by Microsoft store. Because of the efforts put in by Microsoft in bringing this application to different platform it has become more secure and widely available for everyone at all time.

Install Kodi on Xbox One & Xbox 360

Here we have shared the two simple methods of installing Kodi 18 on Xbox one & Xbox 360.

  • Method 01: Installing Kodi for Xbox through Xbox Store
  • Method 02: Install Kodi on Xbox through Microsoft store

Installation and set up of kodi through Xbox store:

Step 1: Turn on the Xbox console and go to the store in home screen.

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Step 2: Search for Koid through the search tab.

Step 3: Download and install the kodi application.

Step 4: Once the application is downloaded it automatically gets added to the home page of the console.

Step 5: Open and run the Kodi application.

Installation and set up of kodi through Microsoft store:

Step 1: launch the Microsoft store from your computer.

Step 2: Search for the kodi application with the help of the search bar.

Step 3: Once the application is loaded download the application.

Step 4: Select the install on Xbox option.

Step 5: the system will automatically try to link to the Xbox, if it is not able to link to the Xbox console manually.

Step 6: Once the installation is completed the kodi application will appear on the Xbox console’s home page.

After the application has been installed other add-on files can be downloaded and installed into the Kodi software to enable much more access through the application. If you are not user of how to use add-on then they check through the internet on how to install Add-on to kodi application as they are most useful to run the application across multiple online media platforms.

Installing kodi on Xbox 360 or Xbox one is just one part of using kodi. In both the above set up cases the installation of kodi application to the television By means of Amazon fire TV stick or through Rasberry Pi 2/3 is essential as without that being done the kodu application cannot be used by the Xbox console.

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In addition to this a VPN server application is also in need to make sure that the original IP of the user is not visible anywhere. A change in VPN will enable the user to access the streaming server through a different IP thus making it simple and safe to use the application. The use of VPN also enables the user to have access to more content that are naturally restricted for that region.

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